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Poppy and Wheatsheaf Tiled Front Classic Fireplace

4223 4223IV 4223LG

Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT)  
1 PW3 Poppy and Wheatsheaf Fireplace Front Tile Strip £9.95
2 PW5 Black Poppy and Wheatsheaf Front Body with Hood and No Bars £383.00
3 PW4 Black Poppy and Wheatsheaf Removable Front Bars £59.00
4 PW2 Black Poppy and Wheatsheaf Front Ashcover £46.00
5 V46 Black Insert Ashpan Cover Knob £4.25
6 4342 Ashpan 16” Milner £23.00
7 4220 One-piece Front Bottom Grate £42.50

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