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Adelaide Insert Classic Fireplace

4247 4248 4249 4250 4248BRS

Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 A17 Adelaide Grate In Stock £115.00
2 4384 Adelaide/Arched Insert Ashpan In Stock £219.00
3 A1 Adelaide Ashpan Cover - Black In Stock £109.00
4 V46 Ashpan Cover Knob - Black In Stock £9.25
5 A10 Adelaide/Horseshoe Ratchet Available to Order £21.50
6 A6 Adelaide Baffle In Stock £149.00
7 A18 Adelaide Cast Iron Firebrick In Stock £209.00

Do you have the correct appliance?

Before ordering your parts please ensure you have selected the correct appliance. To properly identify your appliance you will need to know your serial number and/or model number. Please use the following guide to help locate your data badge which contains your serial and model number information.

4247 4248 4249 4250 4248BRS

969 x 969 x 351mm (w x h x d)

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